LUXEON 2835 with CrispColor Technology

Fashion retail lighting that makes an impact, highlighting rich colors and increasing contrast

LUXEON 2835 with CrispColor Technology

LUXEON 2835 with CrispColor Technology is the ultimate solution that makes fabrics come to life. With efficient solid state lighting technology, the contrast of colors has never been so vivid. Our special phosphor technology has created a higher gamut color rendering than existing solutions with a specific color point below the Black Body Line to allow for Class A products. Combined with industry leading performance in a common 2835 platform, LUXEON 2835 with CrispColor Technology creates a highly impactful retail experience with all of the advantages of LUXEON 2835, including leading performance, lower voltage, higher driving current, and excellent reliability.

LUXEON 2835 with CrispColor Technology product performance at 120mA, Tj=25°C.
ProductVoltageNominal CCTMinimum CRILuminous
Flux (lm)
Typical Luminous Efficacy (lm/W)Part Number
LUXEON 2835C 3V 2700K 90 36 42 117 L128-27HGCA3500000
3000K 90 38 43 120 L128-30HGCA3500000
3250K 90 40 45 125 L128-33HGCA3500000
3500K 90 40 46 128 L128-35HGCA3500000
4000K 90 42 47 131 L128-40HGCA3500000
5000K 90 44 50 139 L128-50HGCA3500000


  • Industry standard footprint for drop-in replacement designs
  • Maximum drive current of up to 240mA allows for reduction of LED count
  • 3- and 5-step MacAdam ellipse color kits available