LED Cell Phone Flash and Flash Modules

Whether your device is for a camera aficionado or you simply want a functional Flash LED, Lumileds has a product that can fit your requirements and budget.  Lumileds pioneering technical innovations have produced the world’s first color tunable product, high CRI Flash LED, and mid-power Flash LED as well as set the industry standard in tight color range, off-state-white, color-over-source, and Vf, to name a few.   LUXEON Flash LEDs are used by every major smartphone OEM at all price points, as a testament to Lumileds R&D innovation, vertically integrated supply chain, and competitive.

For the best possible images in a digital imaging platform, LUXEON Flash is the clear choice.

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A Broad Portfolio of Flash Solutions

  • High flux rear-facing camera flash LEDs
  • Tunable flash LED solutions for front and rear camera providing optimal color representation
  • High CRI solutions with superior color rendering for front and rear cameras
  • Mid-power LUXEON Flash LEDs for feature phones and front-facing cameras
  • Complimentary customer-focused technical support (optical, mechanical, electrical, thermal)