Mid and Low Power LEDs

A broad selection of high performance, reliable LEDs

Mid/Low Power LEDs

Lumileds offers mid and low power LEDs in a full range of lumen and performance levels and packages—with proven LUXEON reliability. With our industry leading color quality, consistency and lumen maintenance, mid and low power LEDs from Lumileds are an ideal choice for designers and manufacturers, especially of indoor area lighting and retrofit lamp applications.



LUXEON HR30 is specifically designed and tested for use in the most demanding environments and conditions. With upgraded packaging using industry-best materials, LUXEON HR30 is the only product in its class that provides robustness and long lifetime in high temperature and chemical vapor environments. The exceptional reliability and leading performance makes LUXEON HR30 an efficient solution for a wide variety of extreme harsh applications, such as natatoriums and industrial plants.

Features and Benefits

  • Gold plated lead frame package with high reflectance SMC housing for exceptional reliability and lifetime in the most extreme conditions
  • Proven resistant to chemical environments with IEC68-2-43 (15ppm), DLOP <10%, Du’v’
  • Resistant to common chemical environments, such as high chlorine sulfur areas
  • 1/5th micro-color binning enables tight color control
  • Targeted lifetime in excess of 100K hours at 150mA, Ts=105°C

LUXEON 2835 Line


LUXEON 2835 Line is a collection of compact devices that allows for design freedom and provide a superior overall system solution when a project requires high lumen output and good efficacy. With an industry standard footprint, the LUXEON 2835 Line is the perfect upgrade for other 2835 products and other common mid power offerings. The LUXEON 2835 Line is color targeted for application needs and delivers efficacy and reliability for a variety of applications. It is available in two product offerings, LUXEON 2835C for higher output and LUXEON 2835E for lower output ranges.

Features and Benefits

  • Various configurations of voltage and die count to meet a wide range of application requirements
  • Industry standard footprint for drop-in replacement designs
  • Maximum drive current of up to 240mA allows for reduction of LED count
  • 6V and 9V hot-color targeting and 1/9th micro-color binning enable tight color control
  • 3-, 4- and 5-step MacAdam ellipse color kits available

LUXEON 3535L Line


The LUXEON 3535L Line boasts the efficacy and reliability required by the indoor and outdoor illumination markets. It delivers optimized performance in combination with the Quality of Light needed for distributed light source applications in four performance levels.

In addition to offering specified correlated color temperature and color rendering combinations, LUXEON 3535L Line is available in four products:
LUXEON 3535LS – Entry Flux and Efficacy
LUXEON 3535L – Medium Flux and Efficacy
LUXEON 3535L HE – High Flux and Efficacy
LUXEON 3535L HE Plus – High Flux and Highest Efficacy

  • Supports ENERGY STAR lumen maintenance certification requirements
  • Maximum drive current of 200mA delivers superior lumens for reduced LED count
  • 1/7th ANSI color binning delivers tight color control
  • Enables Ts points of 105°C, which allows for higher board temperature
  • Full range of CCTs and CRI configurations for design flexibility
  • UL-recognized component [E352519]



LUXEON 3020 is the first and only hot-color targeted EMC-based 3.0mm x 2.0mm QFN, delivering superior efficacy with superior lumen maintenance and assurance of ANSI color compliance at operating conditions — 85°C. Lumileds enables mass production of affordable and reliable bulbs and lamps by simplifying system designs and integration with leading lm/$ and hot-color targeting.

Features & Benefits

  • High efficacy delivers superior lumen maintenance
  • Reliable QFN EMC package delivers superior thermal properties and reliability
  • 1/9th ANSI micro-color binning enables tight color control
  • Hot-color targeted at 85°C which leads to better color accuracy
  • Drive at max current for superior value

LUXEON 3030 2D


LUXEON 3030 2D is the first hot-color targeted mid power LED. Hot-color targeting ensures that the LEDs are within color target at application conditions — 85°C. Using an industry standard packaging of 3.0mm x 3.0mm x 0.5mm and 6V surface-mount emitter solution, LUXEON 3030 2D comes in all ANSI CCTs and delivers the efficacy and reliability required for indoor illumination markets.

  • Industry standard package enables drop-in replacement for existing 3030 packages
  • 1/9th micro-color binning enables tight color control
  • Superior luminous flux at max current from reduced LED count
  • Hot-color targeting ensures that color is within ANSI bin at typical application conditions, 85°C
  • Enables 3, 4, 5-step MacAdam ellipse kits



LUXEON 3030 HV is an industry standard package to optimize total voltage output, available in 24V and 48V. This high voltage at low current architecture allows system design freedom and is compatible with more efficient and cost effective drivers. This mid power LED is 1/9th micro-color binned for tight color control and hot-color targeted to ensure that the LEDs are within color target at application conditions—85°C. LUXEON 3030 HV delivers efficacy and reliability for a variety of applications such as downlights, lamps and spotlights.

  • High voltage at low current, compatible with more efficient and cost effective drivers
  • 24V and 48V options available to optimize total voltage output
  • 1/9th micro color binning and 85°C hot color targeting enables tight color control
  • EMC based package affirms lumen maintenance and long lifetime



LUXEON 3014 is an industry standard compatible footprint for ease of installation into existing 3014 sockets and stays consistent with a 3.0mm x 1.4mm x 0.75mm package. LUXEON 3014 is hot-color targeted at operating conditions — 65°C. This low power device is an ideal choice when uniformity and reduction in spottiness is necessary for indoor designs.

  • Industry standard footprint and package offering compatibility with existing designs
  • 1/9th ANSI micro-color binning enables tight color control
  • Hot-color targeted at 65°C which leads to better color accuracy
  • Rectangular package design allows for increased uniformity
  • Drive at max current for superior value