LUXEON Altilon

Flexible package options for easy integration, cost effectiveness and performance

Rethink automotive forward lighting with robust, environmentally friendly solid-state lighting technology

LUXEON Altilon delivers distinctive brilliant white light for your forward automotive lighting designs. LUXEON Altilon is designed and tested to withstand extreme temperatures and engineered to simplify optical design and ease of manufacturing and assembly.

LUXEON Altilon is IEC-60810 qualified and PPAP documentation is available upon request. For more information about LUXEON Altilon, please contact your Lumileds Automotive Account Representative or email your request to [email protected]


  • LUXEON Altilon SMD

    • Available in 1x2, 1x3, 1x4 and 1x5 configurations
    • Lower forward lighting power load
    • Optimized to meet global cut-off specifications
    • Unobstructed access to emitting surface
    • 130°C maximum case temperature
    • White color space conforms to both ECE and SAE specifications
    • IEC-60810 Qualified

  • LUXEON Altilon H1K PnP

    • Available in 1x4 and 1x5 configurations
    • First hot-binned multi-chip product in the industry
    • Easy plug-and-play solution
    • Flexibility for customization
    • 150°C maximum junction temperature
    • Lowest thermal resistance in the industry of 1.3 K/W (1x4)
    • White color space conforms to both ECE and SAE specifications
    • IEC-60810 Qualified


Design Resources

  • Optical


    LUXEON Altilon

    In order to properly use the design resource files below, please download the README file for instructions.

    LL ID File Format Title Products Modified Size (MB)
    DRO3028 various LUXEON Altilon SMD 1x2 Optical Rayset README 11/16/2017 0.66
    DRO3029 various LUXEON Altilon SMD 1x3 Optical Rayset README 11/16/2017 0.79
    DRO3030 various LUXEON Altilon SMD 1x4 Optical Rayset README 11/16/2017 0.66
    DRO3031 various LUXEON Altilon SMD 1x5 Optical Rayset README 11/16/2017 0.72

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible packaging provides lower design and manufacturing costs
  • Low thermal resistance and high operating case temperature results in simplified thermal management and smaller heatsinks
  • High luminance with wide flux range provides best in class headlight beam performance and allows advanced lighting systems
  • Available in 1x2 and 1x4 configuration with or without spade lugs.


  • Adaptive Lighting
    • AFS
    • ADB
  • Headlight
    • Cornering Light
    • Low Beam
    • High Beam
  • Front Fog