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Fixture OEMs and sports venue owners are looking for the best solutions for both indoor and outdoor sports fields, spanning the full range of professional stadiums or arenas to sports centers and recreational fields.

Lumileds Sports Lighting Solutions lead the industry in terms of best beam steering and control, color uniformity and high CRI.

A bold new era in sports lighting

Few activities get the adrenaline flowing like sporting events. Stadium management teams recognize this passion—and are committed to elevating fan enjoyment by upgrading current sports lighting.

Traditionally, sports lighting has been limited to linear fluorescent lamps and high-intensity discharge lights. But today, more than one third of professional sports teams, as well as a growing number of colleges and high schools, are using LEDs to illuminate their stadiums and arenas.

Unlike conventional lighting sources, LEDs offer high efficiency, greater reliability and consistent system performance. In addition, LEDs incorporate several qualities that make them ideal for lighting sports venues, including:

  • Control for enhanced visibility and reduced light spill
  • Light Quality that optimizes visibility and ensures HD broadcast requirements are met
  • Color Tunability that helps stadiums and arenas maximize revenue by attracting diverse entertainment options beyond sports—including music concerts that require impactful, dramatic lighting
  • Cost-Efficiency resulting from lower energy consumption and longer product life
  • Compact Form Factor that lessens the wind load on poles and eases installation
Outdoor Sports Lighting

LUXEON LEDs: Optimized for sports venues large and small

Recognizing the need for effective and efficient stadium and arena lighting, Lumileds created its category-defining Sports Lighting Solutions. Working closely with leading sports lighting manufacturers, these state-of-the-art LUXEON LEDs can be found in many of the nation’s highest-profile venues.

Lumileds Sports Lighting Solutions deliver high efficacy at high drive currents—resulting in high flux density fixtures that are ideal for sports facilities. This advantage is complemented by several exclusive Lumileds benefits, including:

  • Unmatched Quality of Light—Offers uniform color rendering, ensuring athletes, spectators, broadcasters and advertisers enjoy an ideal experience. And with Lumileds Matrix Platform, manufacturers get LUXEON LEDs as a fully preconfigured system based on their unique requirements, ensuring a consistently high level of color fidelity and performance. Learn more
  • Expanded Selection—Featuring a CCT range of 2700-6500K and top-tier performance in CRIs of 70, 80 and 90, LUXEON LEDs allow manufacturers to develop high-fidelity, tunable solutions that can be tailored to the unique demands of an event.
  • Comprehensive Optical Ecosystem—By optimizing light distribution and minimizing glare from the fixture, playing surface and spill light, Lumileds Sports Lighting Solutions create horizontal and vertical uniformity that is essential for state-of-the-art camerawork and videography.
  • Industry’s Lowest Thermal Resistance—Enables reduced heatsinking, size and weight.
  • Unrivaled Reliability—Lumileds Sports Lighting Solutions can be designed into almost any fixture for easy, low-cost maintenance.

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