High Impact Retail Lighting Solutions

Lighting that sells.

Storeowners, lighting designers and OEMs are looking for superior, high impact, quality lighting solutions that can be universally and consistently applied across fashion, retail (eg. flagship stores), fresh food, supermarkets and showrooms.

Lumileds High Impact Retail Lighting Solutions are used to illuminate entire stores, specific products within stores, and even window displays. LED is the technology of choice for new installations and refurbishment to meet lighting efficiency standards and for providing greater design flexibility.

Lighting Shopping Revival

Lighting and the in-store shopping revival

Brick-and-mortar retail isn’t dying. Quite the opposite. Studies show that high-end retailers in particular are experiencing a rise in both revenue and store openings. So what separates retailers that continue to break ground on new stores from those that can’t keep their doors open? Increasingly, success depends on creating a unique environment that draws in shoppers and keeps them coming back.

A key factor in this high impact experience is in-store lighting. By carefully curating their lighting, retailers can create an ambiance and shopping experience that reinforces their brand at every turn. Edgy, cool lighting may work well for retailers wishing to attract shoppers who want the latest and greatest, while softer lighting might be a better option for stores that encourage shoppers to take their time and peruse the merchandise.

Lighting Branded Experiences

Lumileds enables lighting manufacturers to create branded experiences…with high impact lighting

Lumileds understands what drives retailers’ lighting decisions and offers a comprehensive portfolio that allows luminaire manufacturers to create limitless lighting effects. These solutions can help manufacturers create the unique experiences their retail customers desire—whether that’s warm and inviting, cool and edgy, or anything in between.

Lumileds also enables consistency across multiple solutions and technology platforms, providing luminaire manufacturers the ability to seamlessly combine linear lighting with spotlights to create the effect the retailer seeks, each time the lights come on. With Lumileds as a partner, luminaire manufacturers can offer innovative lighting solutions that retail customers can use to differentiate their stores and turn them into destinations shoppers return to, again and again.

LUXEON Stylist Series - Optimized Colors and Vivid Whites

The LUXEON Stylist Series features CrispColor and CrispWhite Technologies optimized to showcase fashion and other merchandise. With world-class in-house phosphor capabilities, Lumileds delivers high color rendering solutions (High CRI/TM-30) that provide the highest quality of light and consistent color throughout the store. These solutions are color tunable, allowing for more or less saturation to achieve signature colors that enhance the retailer’s brand.

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LUXEON Stylist Series

Matrix Platform – Integrated Solutions

Luminaire manufacturers looking for integrated solutions can get LUXEON LEDs built to customer specifications on the Matrix Platform. Lumileds will also partner with manufacturers to create connected, smart lighting solutions. What’s more, ultra-thin Integrated Light Guides—an Advanced Technology of the Matrix Platform—allow for an unprecedented level of light control. It offers the capability of turning an array of individual, pixelated LEDs into a truly uniform light surface that is more visually pleasing and enhances the ambiance the retailer desires. This feature becomes increasingly important as form factors grow smaller and smaller.

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Matrix Platform – Integrated Lighting Solutions

Other High Impact Retail Lighting
Solutions to Consider

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