Architectural Lighting Solutions

For the perfect effect.

Lighting designers and architects are looking to create ever-new unique effects on structures with architectural elements, for both indoor and outdoor applications and both decorative and functional purposes.

Whether it’s galleries, hotels, restaurants, building facades, bridges, statues, fountains or even landscaping, Lumileds Architectural Lighting Solutions offer a full gamut of saturated colors and industry leading performance.

Architectural Landmark Lighting

Lighting brings landmarks to life

Around the world, magnificent structures are taking shape that call for lighting that is equally dramatic and brilliant. By utilizing lighting in inventive ways on buildings, lighting designers can ensure architectural wonders are always seen at their absolute best. In fact, "architainment" is a burgeoning industry that integrates dynamic lighting effects into architectural settings. From breathing new life into iconic structures to producing captivating retail settings and impactful themed environments, LEDs are the clear choice for achieving one-of-a-kind illumination.

Architectural Fountain Lighting

Lumileds is redefining lighting brilliance…with Architectural Lighting Solutions

By consistently and successfully satisfying the boldest lighting design demands, Lumileds has firmly positioned itself as the leader in the color LED market for architectural lighting. That distinction is based on producing the broadest available range of colors—from essential Red, Green and Blue to broad-spectrum selections like PC Amber and Lime. In the real world, this means lighting designers whose success hinges on luminaires with a pure color aesthetic have a trusted source for LEDs that provide functionality and color points that no other LED manufacturer can match.

LUXEON C Color Line

The LUXEON C Color Line is an optically advanced portfolio of color and white LEDs. Designed for flawless color mixing, LUXEON C Color Line has one focal length for all colors, which provides consistent radiation patterns from secondary optics and maximizes optical efficiency. With low dome design, it keeps effective source size small while still improving light extraction. Designed for smooth color mixing and maximum punch, LUXEON C Color Line is the optimal LED solution for architectural lighting.

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Architectural Lighting Statue

LUXEON CZ Color Line

LUXEON CZ Color Line is a product line optimized to deliver maximum punch. Featuring industry-leading “punch”—48% higher than any other undomed LED—LUXEON CZ was designed to meet the recent market trend of color tuning fixtures with narrow beam angles and maximum punch. The line consists of 21 LED color options, including 13 color and 8 white LEDs.

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Architectural Lighting Facade