Our strategy to create the world’s leading light engines and our vision that our light engines must have superior performance while minimizing ecological impact in production and in use are key pillars for the Lumileds Sustainability Program.

Lumileds has an Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Management System to ensure safe, secure and healthy work conditions to our employees and to consistently provide products that meet sustainability requirements and fulfill or exceed customer expectations. Lumileds integrates sustainability in the fabric of the organization and business processes for innovation, operations, and supplier management.

The Sustainability Program identifies three Sustainability Modules

Green Innovation

Green Innovation is the program within our innovation that ensures our new products meet ever increasing environmental requirements and deliver supreme value to our customers while improving on energy efficiency over the lifecycle of the product.

An important aspect of the Green Innovation Program is compliance with all relevant legislative product environmental requirements, including the restriction of hazardous substances as defined in RoHS and REACH. Lumileds has dedicated procedures and tools in place to ensure compliancy to these legislative requirements.

Green Operations

The Green Operations Program is to ensure Lumileds provides a safe, secure and healthy workplace for its employees to work and to continuously improve the ecologic footprint of operations by environmental programs such as reduction of emissions into air and water; use of energy and water; and waste disposal to prevent pollution within the community.

Supplier Sustainability

Lumileds requires every Supplier to share its commitment to promote acceptable working conditions, environmentally responsible management and ethical behavior. The basis for this is laid down in the Lumileds Supplier Sustainability Declaration. The Supplier Sustainability Declaration is based on the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) code of conduct (Version 5.0).

In addition to requiring suppliers to provide materials declarations to indicate compliance, the Lumileds RSL governs the general requirements for suppliers by clearly listing the substances that Lumileds has targeted for exclusion, reduction or reporting. The Lumileds RSL is part of Lumileds global policy and included in Lumileds general purchasing conditions. Compliance and complete material disclosure of the supply chain is required to qualify parts supplied to Lumileds.

Environmental Information and Procedures

Sustainability Documents