The choice for color has never been more black and white.

A complete color spectrum for a variety of architecture, entertainment and EVL applications

Color LEDs

Nearly a decade ago, Lumileds launched the LUXEON Rebel Color Line--the market-leading color LEDs that have been transforming lighting designs ever since. Today, Lumileds delivers a complete range of colors, from far red to cyan, UV and even lime and mint. With three high power color lines - LUXEON Rebel, LUXEON Z, LUXEON C - and the LUXEON 3535L Color Line, Lumileds offers the most comprehensive family of mid and high power color LEDs with the industry's best quality of light.


Download the line card to learn more about the broad LUXEON color led family

LUXEON C Color Line


The LUXEON C Line is an optically advanced portfolio of Color and White LEDs. Designed for flawless color mixing, LUXEON C Color Line has one focal length for all colors, which provides consistent radiation patterns from secondary optics and maximizes optical efficiency. With low dome design, it keeps effective source size small while still improving light extraction. Designed for smooth color mixing and maximum punch, LUXEON C Color Line is the optimal LED solution for architecture, emergency vehicle lighting and horticulture lighting applications.

  • Multiple colors, a single focal length: this allows flawless color mixing, maximum optical efficiency and removes halos
  • Low dome design: eliminates trade-offs between flux and source size
  • Hot tested: removes guesswork for designers
  • Industry’s lowest thermal resistance: means greater light output and lower heatsink costs
  • Small symmetrical package: enables dense packing and limits the impact of rotation during reflow

LUXEON 3535L Color Line


The LUXEON 3535L Color Line enables a new era of color lighting. This robust mid power color line provides high performance and is targeted at cost effective designs. Complemented by a broad range of white offerings, the LUXEON 3535L Color Line enables RGBW applications.

  • Industry standard package enables drop-in replacement for existing 3535 packages
  • Single die and single source architecture for optical control
  • Common focal length with LUXEON Rebel and LUXEON Z Color LEDs
  • Full color palette for a wider spectrum range

LUXEON Z Color Line


LUXEON Z Colors is a broad portfolio of LEDs that enables never before seen lumen density, flexibility and freedom of design. Available in the full spectrum of colors from 440nm to 670nm, including Lime, the family of products enables highly efficient color mixing by providing a convenient above-blackbody color point with optical standalone efficacy. LUXEON Z Colors are ideal for entertainment and stage lighting, indoor and outdoor architectural lighting, emergency vehicle lighting, remote phosphor applications and a wide spectrum of specialty lighting applications.

  • Broad gamut, 440-670nm, including unique Lime color
  • 2.2mm2 footprint enables unique arrangements in space-constrained applications
  • 4-up RGBW pixel in 9.5mm2 - four colors in less area than one regular high-power color emitter
  • Undomed design allows better optical management through collimated light output
  • Enables customizable light sources: linear, rectangular, circular

LUXEON Rebel Color Line


The color LED family of LUXEON Rebel and LUXEON Rebel ES has leading light output, color stability, flux density, and clear saturated colors. The color LEDs are ideal for a wide variety of lighting, signaling, signage and entertainment applications. Every LUXEON Rebel and LUXEON Rebel ES emitter has built-in quality, reliability, lumen maintenance and the ease of manufacturing needed to create a superior high quality light. The LUXEON Rebel Color family includes LUXEON Rebel green, cyan, blue, royal-blue, red, red-orange, PC amber and amber emitters and LUXEON Rebel ES royal-blue LEDs. You can depend on LUXEON Rebel Colors to deliver brilliant saturated colors and the engineered-in performance, quality and reliability that LUXEON LEDs are known for.

  • Full color palette for a wider spectrum range
  • Highest efficacy available for colors, allowing for lower power consumption
  • High flux and leading hot and cold performance for saturated colors
  • Fully developed ecosystem for LUXEON Rebel platforms