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LUXEON CoB LEDs is a family of products that enables easy to design lighting applications, offered in two separate ranges—the Core Range and the Compact Range. Due to their efficacy and thermal resistance, LUXEON CoB LEDs stand out in the market. In addition, their small Light-Emitting Surface (LES) makes them very easy to work with and will enable easier and less expensive designs. All LUXEON CoBs are available in 3-step (80 and 90CRI) MacAdam ellipse, ensuring uniform optical performance in general lighting applications.


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LUXEON CoB Compact Range


LUXEON CoB Compact Range is focused on <1000lm applications, specifically cost-effective retrofit and directional lamps for retail, home and hospitality applications.

  • PAR, MR16, GU10 lamps
  • Cost effective
  • Single optic design
  • Ceramic for Hi Pot

LUXEON CoB Core Range


LUXEON CoB Core Range is ideal for use in general lighting solutions including outdoor, industrial, retrofit lamps, spotlights and downlights. Recently introduced was the industry-leading Gen 2 of the LUXEON CoB Core Range, featuring 10$ higher lumens and 10$ higher efficacy.

  • Spotlights / downlights
  • Single shadow beam
  • Ease of design