SnapLED Xtreme

Robust solderless clinch technology LED with an oval batwing lens for homogeneous rear signaling designs

What is SnapLED Xtreme?

SnapLED Xtreme uses a unique and innovative oval-batwing lens that provides homogenous styling and even illumination over a wide rectangle (with an aspect ratio up to 5:1). 

Lumileds pioneering Solderless Clinch technology – a formable metal substrate – makes it easy to manufacture, offers styling flexibility and improves thermal conductivity. It’s unmatched by other LEDs.

Benefits of SnapLED Xtreme:

  • Unique lens design for homogenous styling needs
  • High flux performance resulting in fewer components required
  • Formable metal clinch frame allows for a solder-free mounting, 3D flexibility and simplified thermal management, resulting in improved reliability and lower system cost
  • High maximum junction temperature and drive current allow for smaller, more efficient designs

Key Features:

  • Optical design efficiency
  • Lower system-level costs
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Low power consumption


ProductI-maxStop Light, Tail LightRear Fog LampRear Turn LampFront Turn LampBack-Up Light, Daytime Running Lights (DRL, Front Position, Park)
SnapLED Xtreme 350mA X X



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    LL ID File Format Title Products Modified Size (MB)
    DRM2154 STEP SnapLED 150 VTF Wide Dummy Package for Rayset Files STEP A1SS-O612W 06/09/2015 0.03
    DRM602 IGS SnapLED Narrow CAD igs SSL075-NA88
    09/17/2012 0.47
    DRM603 STP SnapLED Narrow CAD stp SSL075-WA88
    09/17/2012 0.16