Low to Mid Power LED in an industry standard footprint for rear signaling

What is SignalSure?

SignalSure offers proven Lumileds technology in a small standard surface-mount device (SMD) package, enabling unique and uniform signal lighting designs. Available in a wide range of flux packages and colors, SignalSure products give you maximum design flexibility. 

Benefits of SignalSure:

  • Full range of flux options in amber, red orange, red, and super red wavelengths
  • High maximum junction temperature and drive current allow for smaller, more efficient designs
  • Gold plated lead frame prevents sulfur corrosion and improves product robustness and reliability

Key Features:

  • Range of flux options in a common form factor
  • Available in amber, red orange, red, and super red
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Wide operating range


ProductI-maxStop Light, Tail LightRear Fog LampRear Turn LampFront Turn LampBack-Up Light, Daytime Running Lights ((DRL, Front Position, Park)
SignalSure 30 60mA X X
SignalSure 75 90mA X X
SignalSure 150 200mA X X X
SignalSure 250 300mA X X X



Design Resources

  • Mechanical


    LL ID File Format Title Products Modified Size (MB)
    DRM3060 IGS SignalSure 150 IGS 11/16/2017 0.04
    DRM3061 STEP SignalSure 150 STEP 11/16/2017 0.02
    DRM3062 IGS SignalSure 250 IGS 11/16/2017 0.04
    DRM3063 STEP SignalSure 250 STEP 11/16/2017 0.02
    DRM3056 IGS SignalSure 30 IGS 11/16/2017 0.03
    DRM3057 STEP SignalSure 30 STEP 11/16/2017 0.02
    DRM3058 IGS SignalSure 75 IGS 11/16/2017 0.04
    DRM3059 STEP SignalSure 75 STEP 11/16/2017 0.03