LUXEON Versat 3030 Line

The versatile new standard in Automotive LEDs for front and rear signaling

What is LUXEON Versat 3030 Line?

LUXEON Versat 3030 Line is a line of LED products that give you true design flexibility coupled with best-in-class reliability. Easy to integrate into your existing design and manufacturing processes, these LEDs are perfect for high volume automotive production. 

Benefits of LUXEON Versat 3030 Line:

  • Industry standard footprint enables simple integration
  • Package optimized for light extraction, achieving industry leading efficacy:
    • Front – Industry leading efficacy in a mid power package. Superior flux performance at max. current for reduced LED count and lower cost of ownership
    • Rear – Lower Rth for greater light output and lower heatsink costs. Robust package with high resistance to sulphur corrosion

Key Features:

  • Single common footprint
  • For ultimate design versatility
  • Low Z profile simplifies optical design and minimizes design space

Important Notes:

  • Available in white, PC amber, red-orange, red, super red


ProductI-maxStop Light, Tail LightRear Fog LampRear Turn LampFront Turn LampBack-Up Light
LUXEON Versat 3030 HP 200 300mA X X X
LUXEON Versat 3030 HP 350 500mA X X
LUXEON Versat 3030 HP 700 1A X X
LUXEON Versat 3030 HP CW 150 250mA X
LUXEON Versat 3030 HP PCA 150 250mA X