LUXEON Versat 2020 Line

High luminance LEDs with mix and match styling flexibility for front and rear signaling

What is LUXEON Versat 2020 Line?

LUXEON Versat 2020 is a versatile range of LEDs that allow you to design the modern front and rear signaling lights your customers desire. By mixing and matching emitters, you can combine multiple applications into the same optical system. You can house the stop, turn, fog and reverse functions within one compact unit – saving valuable space. 

With best-in-class reliability, simple integration and design flexibility, Versat 2020 are perfect for high volume automotive designs.

Benefits of LUXEON Versat 2020 Line:

  • High luminance – Brighter light from a compact emitter due to smaller X and Y dimensions
  • Ease of integration – Small, industry standard footprint and higher tolerances allow for tighter spacing of emitters and integration of functionality
  • Optical efficiency – Low Z height reduces space required and improves optical efficiency with secondary optics (e.g. light guides)
  • Mix and match – Match multiple colors and flux levels in the same optic
  • Low Rth – Enables greater light output, better flux maintenance, reduced PCB area, and improved LED efficiency
  • High Tc and Tj – Enables greater design flexibility

Key Features:

  • Single common footprint
  • High luminance
  • Low dimensional tolerances
  • Enhanced design flexibility
  • Compact design allows use of multiple LEDs
  • Simplified optical design

Important Notes:

  • Available in wide range of colors (white, PC amber, red-orange, red, super red) and different flux levels


ProductI-maxStop Light, Tail LightRear Fog LampRear Turn LampFront Turn LampBack-Up Light
LUXEON Versat 3030 VTF 200 300mA X X X
LUXEON Versat 3030 VTF 350 500mA X X
LUXEON Versat 3030 VTF 700 1A X X
LUXEON Versat 3030 CW 150 250mA X
LUXEON Versat 3030 PCA 150 250mA X
LUXEON Versat 3030 CW 350 500mA X
LUXEON Versat 3030 PCA 350 500mA X