Miniaturized LED for high density matrix adaptive driving beam

What is LUXEON Neo?

LUXEON Neo LEDs, with their miniaturized form factor and low mechanical tolerances, enable higher LED density on board, which are essential for matrix headlighting.

Benefits of LUXEON Neo:

  • The miniaturized package and low mechanical tolerances provide an ideal light source for matrix head-lighting
  • Low thermal resistance results in simplified thermal management
  • 2 die sizes provide flux and mechanical dimension flexibility

Key Features:

  • Low mechanical tolerances
  • Miniaturized package
  • Higher drive current capability
  • Binned at 85°C, consistent with automotive operational environments


ProductI-maxHigh Beam, Low Beam, Spot LightAdaptive Driving BeamFront FogDaytime Running Lights (DRL, Front Position, Park),
Front Position Light
Front Turn Signal, Hazard Light
LUXEON Neo 0.5mm2 CW 750mA X X X X