Small form factor multi die LED for headlighting

What is LUXEON Altilon SMD?

LUXEON Altilon SMD is a multi die package with the smallest form factor, offering the best flux/price performance for forward lighting applications.

Benefits of LUXEON Altilon SMD:

  • The small form factor enables flexibility in optical and mechanical designs, helping to lower both design and manufacturing costs
  • Low thermal resistance and high operating case temperature allow for smaller heatsinks, efficient heat dissipation, and simplified thermal management
  • High luminance with wide flux range provides best-in-class headlight beam performance, and allows for advanced lighting systems

Key Features:

  • Low thermal resistance with dedicated thermal pad
  • Flexible packaging
  • Binned at 85°C, consistent with automotive operational environments

Important Notes:

  • Available in 1x2, 1x3, 1x4 and 1x5 configurations


ProductI-maxHigh Beam, Low Beam, Spot LightAdaptive Driving BeamFront FogDaytime Running Lights (DRL, Front Position, Park)Front Turn Signal, Hazard Light
LUXEON Altilon SMD 1x2 1.5A X X X
LUXEON Altilon SMD 1x3 1.5A X X
LUXEON Altilon SMD 1x4 1.5A X X
LUXEON Altilon SMD 1x5 1.5A X X


Design Resources

  • Optical


    LUXEON Altilon
    In order to properly use the design resource files below, please download the README file for instructions.
    LL ID File Format Title Products Modified Size (MB)
    DRO3028 various LUXEON Altilon SMD 1x2 Optical Rayset README 11/16/2017 0.66
    DRO3029 various LUXEON Altilon SMD 1x3 Optical Rayset README 11/16/2017 0.79
    DRO3030 various LUXEON Altilon SMD 1x4 Optical Rayset README 11/16/2017 0.66
    DRO3031 various LUXEON Altilon SMD 1x5 Optical Rayset README 11/16/2017 0.72