Four Weeks That Will Transform Mid Power LEDs

Mark your calendars for the latest LUXEON LED breakthroughs.

Mid Power March

At Lumileds, we have brought our many years of innovation in high power illumination grade LEDs to the mid power market. The result: mid power LEDs that boast higher reliability and industry-leading lumen maintenance for longer useful life. With these advancements, lighting manufacturers who design with LUXEON mid power LEDs can ensure their customers enjoy superior performance, lower maintenance and replacement costs, and ultimately, greater satisfaction.

In keeping with our tradition of innovating in the mid power space, we have released 4 new mid power products during the month of March. Sign up for any future news regarding the LUXEON mid power LED family and don’t forget to check out our full portfolio of Mid Power products here.

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LUXEON Mid Power March 2016


Amazing longevity in extreme conditions.

Explore LUXEON HR 30 »


Industry-leading efficacy on an ultra-slim, rigid substrate.

Explore LUXEON XR-3020 »


Exceptional performance built on a proven legacy.

Explore LUXEON 2835 »

LUXEON 3535L HE Plus

Highest efficacy from the latest in the LUXEON 3535L 3V lineup.

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