LUXEON 2835 with FreshFocus Technology

Accentuating freshness and overall visual appeal, making food irresistible

LUXEON 2835 with FreshFocus Technology

LUXEON 2835 with FreshFocus Technology creates impactful lighting by accentuating the freshness and overall visual appeal of a variety of fresh food in supermarkets, delis, butcher shops and bakeries. LUXEON 2835 with FreshFocus Technology brings out reds for greater visual appeal to meat; increases the appetite appeal of bread and pastries; exhibits the most natural and attractive fish; and emphasizes the “just picked” appearance for produce (fruits and vegetables) using a common 2835 platform.

LUXEON 2835 with FreshFocus Technology product performance at 120mA, Tj=25°C.
Flux (lm)
Typical Luminous Efficacy (lm/W)Part Number
LUXEON 2835C 3V Produce 39 44 123 L128-PR00CA3500000
Red Meat 27 31 86 L128-RM00CA3500000
Marbled Meat 26 30 84 L128-MM00CA3500000
Fish 44 50 139 L128-FS00CA3500000
Bread 43 47 131 L128-BD00CA3500000


  • Spectrum engineered products with focused color points to enable the right lighting for specific merchandise and application
  • Industry standard footprint for drop-in replacement designs
  • Maximum drive current of up to 240mA allows for reduction of LED count
  • IR and UV free, which keeps the merchandise fresher longer and prevents meat discoloration
  • 3- and 5-step MacAdam ellipse color kits available