Turnkey integrated, high performance LED solutions for unique adaptive driving beam requirements

What is LUXEON MxN?

Lumileds Matrix lighting solution for Adaptive Driving Beam head lighting offers you high performance, high precision, and customizable lighting solutions for advanced lighting systems.

Benefits of LUXEON MxN:

  • Matrix configurations designed for advanced lighting systems, with best-in-class performance
  • Precision LED placement tolerance in x, y and z directions enables precision optical alignment and lower system costs
  • Miniaturized LED footprint enables high pixel density
  • Size and shape of board easily customized for system requirements
  • Building block approach enables fast design and validation, resulting in shortened design cycles

Key Features:

  • Precision x y z placement tolerance
  • Miniaturized / flexible configurations of LEDs
  • LEDS can be individually addressable
  • Flexible board configurations
  • High luminance device

Important Notes:

  • Utilizes LUXEON Neo in custom configurations
  • Designs based on Cu IMS board, unless otherwise requested


ProductI-maxHigh Beam, Low Beam, Spot LightAdaptive Driving BeamDaytime Running Lights ((DRL, Front Position, Park),
Front Position Light
Front Turn Signal, Hazard Light
LUXEON MxN 750 - 1000mA X X X X