High flux, multi die LED solutions in easy to use integrated ‘Plug and Play’ configurations for forward lighting systems

What is LUXEON Altilon SMD PnP?

LUXEON Altilon SMD PnP offers high performance, customizable lighting solutions. With its easy ‘plug and play’ board configurations, it gives you the flexibility to adapt to customer system requirements, while offering a cost effective head lighting solution.

Benefits of LUXEON Altilon SMD PnP:

  • LED precision placement tolerance enables accurate optical alignment
  • The size, shape and components are easily customized depending on system requirements
  • Flexible plug and play packaging provides lower design and manufacturing costs and faster time to market
  • Low thermal resistance and high operating case temperature allow for smaller heatsinks, efficient heat dissipation, and simplified thermal management
  • High luminance with wide flux range provides best-in-class headlight beam performance, and allows for advanced lighting systems

Key Features:

  • High luminance device
  • Precision placement of optical center
  • Guaranteed interconnect reliability
  • Flexible board configurations
  • Low thermal resistance

Important Notes:

  • Available in 1x2, 1x3, 1x4 and 1x5 configurations


ProductI-maxHigh Beam, Low Beam, Spot LightFront Fog
LUXEON Altilon SMD PnP 1.5A X X