Lumileds offers a complete LED emitter product portfolio for display applications. Whether it is direct-lit or edge-lit display applications, Lumileds can provide application-oriented and optimized lumen packages with leading lm/$ and lm/W. We help customers realize superior quality and cost-competitive products through customized light bars and ecosystem support. 

LED Display Products 

Application TypePart NumberLumen Range
Edge LitLUXEON DW 301420 – 50 lm
Direct LitLUXEON DW 3030 1D50 – 80 lm
LUXEON DW 3030 2D*100 – 140 lm
LUXEON DWu 0.5mm2120 – 170 lm
LUXEON DWu 1mm2150 – 230 lm
LUXEON DWZ*150 – 230 lm
Side ViewLUXEON DW 38068 – 16 lm
LUXEON DW 3804*6 – 13 lm
LUXEON DW 3004*6 – 13 lm

* HG versions available


  • Tight color control through superior phosphor technology
  • Ultra compact size and small square footprint
  • Enables high screen brightness uniformity
  • Enables cost effective thermal and system design


Edge-Lit and Direct-Lit Displays

Display LEDs