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LED: the scalable, future solution

LEDs are the scalable, future solution for automotive lighting. Driving the transition from premium to mainstream use of LEDs is one of today’s challenges. Engineering complexity and system costs must be minimized to sustain profitable margins while every mainstream car model deserves its own individualized design.

The LUXEON LED lightsource family enables styling differentiation for mainstream vehicles in an attractive, fast and cost-effective way.

LUXEON LR4 - the LED stop and tail lighting solutions for mainstream vehicles

Philips LUXEON LR4 enhances your design opportunities for mainstream vehicles in a cost-effective way. It offers you a complete new spectrum of design opportunities. New innovative full-process integration in the manufacturing chain results in the highest quality products in mass volumes and solutions that last as long as the car itself.

Product Benefits

LUXEON LR4 gives you outstanding styling flexibility:

  • Reflector-based designs – for slim aspect ratios
  • Light-guide based optical concepts – for 3D shaping
  • Direct optics – for creative designs with efficient optics
  • Indirect reflectors – for hidden light sources

LUXEON LR4 provides unmatched quality and reliability:

  • OEM ready (Process audits and set-up in place)
  • High capacity with mass manufacturing platform
  • Fully automated line, no operator involvement
  • Zero defect quality roadmap

LUXEON LR4 enables superior value with low system costs:

  • Standardized and regulated specifications with multiple suppliers
  • Easy replacement substantially lowers supply chain costs and complexity
  • Long-term supply and supportability allows optimization of supply chain and serviceability

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LED Product Overview

All the following products are either available with Elbow-type or Straight-type connectors.

Main applicationStopStop/TailRear FogRear TurnBack-upFront TurnDRL
ECE designation [proposed] LR3 LR4 [LR5] [LY3] [LW3] [LY5] [LW5]
Color Red Red Red Amber White Amber White
Flux (lm) @ 13.5V hot [proposed] 80 80/6 120 150 250 280 350

Cross technology overview

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