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LED bulbs made to last, using the latest LED technology and most durable components.

Standardized LED solutions for cost-effective automotive lighting

We offer a large range of regulated and standardized LED bulbs and modules for automotive lighting applications. Reliable, powerful and yet compact, LUXEON LxN standard modules give you the design freedom you need to meet current styling needs.

Our standard interfaces mean there is minimal effort in the design phase. You can also build and roll out units faster, and the cost to do so is much lower.

L1: Regulated bulb for simple, reflector-based, front-fog solutions

  • Enables a compact front-fog design.
  • Precise LED placement ensures uniform illumination.
  • Sharp cut-off of the top of the beam prevents glare.

LR5 and LW5 regulated bulbs for rear lighting and DRL

  • High luminous flux from a single module, enabling various styling possibilities, including stylish light-guide designs for stop and tail (LR5) and DRL (LW5) lighting.
  • Easy thermal management and electrical integration into your systems.

LED Product Overview

Regulated LED bulbs - LxN family
Function Stop/Tail Stop/Tail/Rear fog DRL/Reverse light Front fog
Luminous Flux (lm) 80/6 120 350 355
Voltage range 9 V - 16 V 9 V - 15 V 9 V - 16 V 9 V - 16 V
Typ. Power consumption (W) 2.2/0.4 3.0 4.8 4.8
Ambient temperature] -40°C to 85C -40°C to 85C -40°C to 85C -40°C to 85C

Standardized modules
 Rear - fog moduleBack-up moduleLY5
Function Rear fog Reverse light
Luminous Flux (lm) ^1 ^2
Voltage range 9 V - 16 V 9 V - 16 V
Typ. Power consumption (W) 1.6 1.6
Ambient temperature] -20°C to 65C -20°C to 65C

Cross technology overview

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