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Aug 13, 2019

Lumileds Introduces Most Robust, Brightest High Power LUXEON 5050 Package

The LUXEON 5050 Square features the industry’s highest flux and efficacy in a robust package that enables brighter, longer lasting streetlights, industrial fixtures and downlights.

 San Jose, CA – Lumileds, a global leader in innovative lighting solutions, today unveiled the LUXEON 5050 Square LES (Light Emitting Surface) LED, a square, multi-die emitter that delivers industry-leading flux and efficacy for directional lighting applications. The LUXEON 5050 Square builds on the legacy of the LUXEON 5050 Round emitter as the go-to solution for streetlights and downlights, while boosting flux by 25% and delivering the highest efficacy of any 5050 package on the market. The LUXEON 5050 Square is also outperforming competing modules in corrosion resistance testing, enabling significantly lower flux degradation and less color shift when used in harsh environments.  

“The LUXEON 5050’s EMC (Epoxy Molding Compound) package demonstrates corrosion resistance that is comparable to a ceramic package. Standard industry testing in a sulfur environment also shows the LUXEON 5050 Square demonstrated significantly less flux loss and color shift than competing 5050 size emitters. This enables a much more robust design in the end application” said Mei Yi, Product Manager for LUXEON 5050.

This brighter emitter in a standard 5050 footprint allows for drop-in replacement in existing systems or the design of new, robust fixtures with the industry’s highest flux and efficacy combinations. Typical flux of the LUXEON 5050 Square is 825 lumens at 170 lm/W when a 5000K 70CRI emitter is driven nominally at 160mA. The top notch efficacy in the industry translates to more efficient fixtures or the use of fewer emitters for a more compact design. Fixture size is further reduced by the emitter’s low thermal resistance substrate (1.4°C/W), which reduces heatsink requirements.

The LUXEON 5050 Square is initially offered in a color temperature range of 2200K-6500K at a minimum CRI of 70 in voltage options of 6V and 30V. The LUXEON 5050 Round is offered across the same range of color temperatures at 70CRI, 80CRI and 90CRI with 6V and 24V options. Showing it’s further commitment to developing the 5050 package, Lumileds also just released a 2% upgrade to the LUXEON 5050 Round, further building upon its flux and efficacy leadership position. All emitters are hot tested at 85°C to ensure excellent performance under real world conditions.

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