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Aug 6, 2019

Lumileds Achieves Breakthrough Flux and Precise Color Control with RGBW Module

The LUXEON MultiColor Module 2.5W delivers true color points, ensuring brilliant color designs in a wide variety of lighting applications.

San Jose, CA – Lumileds, a global leader in innovative lighting solutions, today introduced the LUXEON MultiColor Module 2.5W, a compact RGBW module that produces leading flux and achieves exact color points in architectural and general outdoor lighting applications. The 4-in-1 module simplifies system design by combining red, green, blue and white emitters in a compact 5050 footprint. “We designed a barrier between the color and white emitter to eliminate the problem of crosstalk, allowing designers to consistently achieve the exact color point they are targeting,” said Jennifer Holland, Product Line Director at Lumileds. Crosstalk can occur when a direct LED excites the phosphor in a neighboring white LED, altering the emitted color.

Typical flux of the LUXEON MultiColor Module 2.5W is 18 lm (red), 38 lm (green), 15 lm (blue) and 53 lm (white) at 120mA. The emitter may be driven at up to 240mA to achieve breakthrough lumen output. The single emitter approach enables seamless color mixing without the shadowing associated with combining emitters of differing heights. The module especially shines in space-constrained applications, including linear architectural designs where four emitters require double the footprint of a single emitter.

The LUXEON MultiColor Module 2.5W leads the industry in robust design and reliability. Benchmark sulfur testing against the leading competitor revealed nearly twice the flux loss relative to the LUXEON MultiColor Module 2.5W. A far simpler solder pad layout also ensures precise contact and streamlines the assembly process.  

The colors in the LUXEON MultiColor Module 2.5W can be individually or separately controlled for maximum flexibility in lighting design. An additional convenience of the module’s 5050-footprint is compatibility with industry optics to achieve different beam angles and intensities. Applications include outdoor facade lighting, architectural lighting, signage and any indoor applications with aggressive environments, from industrial plants to swimming pools.

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