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Apr 30, 2019

Lumileds Improves and Expands Industry Leading Color Lines

A significant boost in flux to the LUXEON C and CZ Color Lines enables the industry’s highest performance and the greatest flexibility in color mixing combinations.

San Jose, CA – Lumileds has announced a significant performance upgrade to its market leading LUXEON C and LUXEON CZ Color Lines. These brighter LEDs enable drop-in replacement to existing fixtures or higher performance in new designs and set a new standard for color in architectural lighting, entertainment lighting, emergency vehicle lighting, and color tunable lamps and fixtures. “The LUXEON C Color Line is known for its flawless color mixing due to the identical focal point for all colors, enabling a consistent light pattern from secondary optics every time,” said Anthone Chong, Product Manager at Lumileds.

Both the LUXEON C and LUXEON CZ Color Lines consist of 13 colors. The luminous flux is greater than in the previous generation: 20% up for Green; 10% up for Cyan, 5% up for Blue, while radiometric power for the Deep Red and Far Red LEDs are 20% brighter. In addition, the white range has also been enriched to 13 white LED selections for LUXEON C and 14 white LEDs for LUXEON CZ Color Line.  Both LUXEON C and LUXEON CZ have also added 90 CRI options at 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K, and 80 CRI options at 2200K and 3500K. There is now a 3500K/90 CRI emitter in the LUXEON CZ Color Line as well. The new white options enable fixture manufacturers greater flexibility of design for a wide range of application needs.

While the LUXEON C Color LEDs are domed, the LUXEON CZ Color LEDs are undomed for optimal center-beam candle power (“punch”). Both product lines feature a compact footprint of 2 x 2 mm that enables dense packing in lamps and fixtures.  All LUXEON C and LUXEON CZ Color LEDs are hot tested at 85°C to ensure excellent performance at real world conditions. These LEDs are further distinguished by the lowest thermal resistance (3.2°C/W) in the industry, which reduces the size and cost of heat sinks for more compact, less expensive fixtures.

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