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Mar 19, 2019

Lumileds Introduces Brightest, Most Reliable RGB LED Module

Leading in luminous intensity and reliability, the LUXEON MultiColor Module 0.5W is the ideal building block for applications demanding consistent, brilliant color.

San Jose, CA – Lumileds today introduced the LUXEON MultiColor Module 0.5W, a module that produces the highest luminous intensity of reds, greens and blues with the industry’s most consistent color. The module is comprised of a 3-in-1 RGB in a standard 3535 PLCC6 package. The LUXEON MultiColor Module 0.5W outperforms all competitors, producing red light of 1,000 mcd, green light of 2,300 mcd and blue light of 500 mcd at 20 mA drive current (typical Vf of 2,1, 2.8 and 3.0V, respectively).

Reliability is a key differentiator for the LUXEON MultiColor Module 0.5W. Testing in hydrogen sulfide environment reveals superior maintenance of flux and forward voltage of the red, green and blue LEDs. “Long term performance in the application depends on a robust, reliable package design and in this arena, Lumileds stands alone,” said Jennifer Holland, Product Line Director of Lumileds. The compact module features a black matte surface, a flat light-emitting surface and water resistant design (IPX8 rating), for use in a number of video wall and illumination applications.

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