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Feb 26, 2019

Lumileds Announces LUXEON IR ONYX, a Broadband Infrared Emitter for Hyperspectral Imaging Applications

LUXEON IR ONYX enables spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging miniaturization for various use cases, such as mobile, industrial and medical applications 

Barcelona, Spain – Lumileds today announced at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress, the LUXEON IR ONYX LED for use in spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging applications.

The LUXEON IR ONYX LED features a continuous broadband infrared (IR) emission from 650 to 1100nm with superior light output characteristics. The IR spectrum consists of a broad, flat emission without any peaks, enabling ease of calibration. The LED comes in an industry standard 2720 package and footprint for easy integration in existing designs.

The broadband infrared emission of LUXEON IR ONYX is enabled by new proprietary phosphor materials developed and manufactured at the Lumileds Phosphor Development Center, allowing it to achieve unprecedented performance of up to two times what is currently available in the market. The new LUXEON IR ONYX LED opens up new possibilities for miniaturization of spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging applications in, for example, hand-held devices for mobile, industrial and medical applications. Due to the low level of heat generated in comparison to traditional IR light sources like incandescent halogen technology, LUXEON IR ONYX is extremely well-suited for applications that are sensitive to heat, such as those found in the fruit and vegetable industry.

The small source size and package dimensions allow the LEDs to be closely packed and placed closed to the inspection subject without the risk of overheating.” said Wouter Schrama, Sr. Product Manager for the LUXEON IR portfolio.

“The small size and high infrared power output takes us a step closer to the challenge of taking food quality measurements in the field, and ideally from our smart phone,” notes Noman Rangwala, Director of Business Development. “We continue to work with sensor and eco-system partners to make hyperspectral imaging a reality in handheld devices.”

LUXEON IR ONYX LEDs are available for sampling. For more information, visit or customers can contact their local Lumileds representative.

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