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Nov 13, 2018

Lumileds Achieves Best Performance and Broadest Color Palette for Architectural and Entertainment Lighting Solutions

 The LUXEON 2835 Color Line is the industry’s highest performing, most complete mid power line offering 12 different colors.

San Jose, CA – Lumileds today introduced the LUXEON 2835 Color Line, a mid power line of 12 colors that achieves the best performance in its class. The superior flux and efficacy of this line of phosphor-converted and direct color LEDs enable flawless color mixing for the rapidly growing markets of color-tunable lamps and architectural and entertainment lighting. Flawless color mixing is achieved using the same technology that characterizes every Lumileds color LED offering. “The new LUXEON 2825 Line contains LEDs with matching focal lengths, which enables minimal halos and superior color mixing in all color applications,” said Anthone Chong, Product Manager of the LUXEON Color Family.

The LUXEON 2835 Color Line includes Red, Green, Blue, Royal Blue, Cyan, Red-Orange, Deep Red, Far Red, PC Amber, Lime, Mint and White (3000K/80 CRI, 4000K/80 and 5700K/70), all specified at 120 mA and 25°C. The unique LUXEON Lime LED enables the highest efficiency white lighting designs whereas the LUXEON Mint and Red-Orange LEDs can be combined to achieve the warm candle-light (2200K) ambiance desired by restaurants and other venues. Examples of superior performance include output of 77 lm for LUXEON 2835 Lime and 48 lm for the PC Amber LED (120 mA drive current).

System designers are finding the LUXEON 2835 Color LEDs simpler to integrate due to the same polarity for all colors in the product family. Some competing products switch the anode/cathode locations on the LED, complicating printed circuit board (PCB) layout and system design. “Matched polarity for all 12 colors simplifies the design process,” said Chong.

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