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Oct 9, 2018

Lumileds Expands Infrared Emitter Family to Fulfill Automotive Application Needs

The LUXEON IR Family for Automotive delivers industry-leading performance for automotive sensing applications

Paris, France – Today Lumileds announces LUXEON IR for Automotive, the infrared (IR) emitter product family for use in automotive sensing applications. The LUXEON IR

Family for Automotive features leading optical and thermal performance, enabling high system efficacies and easy integration.

The LUXEON IR Family for Automotive targets both interior and exterior automotive applications, such as Driver Monitoring Systems, Gesture control and Night Vision. The LUXEON IR Domed Line includes 4 different radiations patterns (50°, 60°, 90° and 150°) with industry compatible footprint for seamless implementation in existing designs.

The LUXEON IR Compact Line brings the world’s smallest high power infrared emitter to the automotive market, enabling miniaturization while providing unique freedom for custom optical designs. Both LUXEON IR Domed Line and LUXEON IR Compact Line use a ceramic substrate for optimal heat dissipation and the world’s best thermal conductivity in its class.

The LUXEON IR Family for Automotive is built according to the highest industry standards and are compliant with AEC - Q102. In addition to the excellent product performance and quality, Lumileds also offers extensive application knowledge to support customers in designing them into their applications.

“With the introduction of the LUXEON IR Family for Automotive, Lumileds is offering the automotive industry a range of infrared emitters that will enable further implementation of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) in the next generation of cars. The LUXEON IR Domed Line for Automotive is ideal for use in interior applications like Driver Monitor Systems (DMS) and Occupancy Detection. The LUXEON IR Compact Line for Automotive is very well suited for integration in exterior optical systems, such as head or tail lights for lane-departing systems, IR illumination at night or during bad weather conditions,” said Wouter Schrama, Sr. Product Manager for the LUXEON IR Family.

The LUXEON IR Domed Line and LUXEON IR Compact Line for Automotive will start shipping end of 2018. For more information, visit

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