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Sep 13, 2016

LUXEON Stylist Series with FreshFocus Technology™ Showcases Bread & Pastries in their Most Appetizing State

LEDs using the company’s proprietary FreshFocus Technology make bread and pastry items appear irresistible.

San Jose, CA Lumileds today introduced FreshFocus Technology for bread & pastries, LEDs used to show food items in their most appetizing light. FreshFocus Technology is part of the LUXEON Stylist Series, Lumileds transformative line of LEDs designed to provide the perfect lighting environment for fashion retail, fresh food and restaurants.

“It is the quality of its fresh food -- the produce, fresh fish, meat or bread -- that sets one market apart from another. Our FreshFocus Technology enables market owners to extend their competitive advantage by making these food items appear even more enticing,” said Luis Aceña, Senior Manager, Stylist Series at Lumileds.

Part of the LUXEON Stylist Series, FreshFocus Technology is offered as omnidirectional, spotlight and downlight, and built-to-spec lighting solutions. For bread and pastries, Lumileds offers FreshFocus Technology on select LUXEON CoBs for spotlights and downlights. At 2700K, the LUXEON CoB 1208 and 1211 arrays achieve >100 lm/W efficacy and produce 3464 and 4750 lumens when driven at 900 and 1200 mA, respectively. In addition to individual LEDs, FreshFocus Technology is offered in the Matrix Platform using LUXEON LEDs on flexible or rigid substrates. The Platform’s proprietary Oberon pick-and-place technology delivers the most consistent light appearance in the industry.

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