High flux density and color uniformity for rear lighting applications


The SignalSure family of compact, surface-mount, mid power LEDs delivers an elevated standard of light output, flux density, and color uniformity for Rear Lighting signaling applications. SignalSure’s robust design structure, coupled with high performance specifications, ensures high quality and reliability. The family of products offers a continuous range of flux for design flexibility and future-proofing ability.


SignalSure Family

Stop/Tail Stop/Tail Turn signal lighting Stop/Tail Side Marker mirror/side repeater Rear Fog
ProductBinning CurrentMaximum CurrentStopTailRear TurnCHMSLSide MarkerMirror/
Side Repeater
Rear Fog
SignalSure 250 250 mA 300 mA
SignalSure 150 250 mA 300 mA
SignalSure 75 75 mA 90 mA
SignalSure 30 30 mA 60 mA

Super Red Red Orange Amber

Features & Benefits

  • Full range of flux options in Red Orange and Super Red wavelengths
  • High maximum junction temperature which helps in creating smaller and efficient designs
  • Gold plated lead frame prevents sulfur corrosion and enhances its reliability and robustness


Automotive Applications

  • Stop/Tail
  • Rear Turn
  • Mirror/Side Repeater
  • Side Marker
  • Motorcycle Signaling
  • Commercial Vehicle Signaling